Terms and Conditions

Onedebt (Pty) Ltd is a registered company and any action that constitutes putting the companies name or reputation in disrepute, may lead to cancellation of the agent's agreement.

Onedebt (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to decline an agent's application.

It is agreed that Onedebt sources consumers that are financially strained and wishes to enter into debt review otherwise known as debt counselling and Onedebt is willing to pay a referral amount to "agents" that refer consumers that qualify in terms of the criteria set out by the National Credit Act. (Act 34 of 2005)

It is agreed that the "agent" markets Onedebt' s service on its behalf, and causes the consumer to enter his/her detail on the website www.onedebt.co.za which ultimately leads to a consumer entering into debt review with Onedebt.

Where there is a dispute of ownership in terms of a referral, the first referral will be considered to be valid.

If a consumer does not contract within 30 days of the date of the referral the referral will lapse and the agent has to refer the consumer again.

Each "agent" has a unique code, QR or URL, and therefore all consumers that register themselves through the agents code, will automatically be assigned to that "agent"

It is furthermore agreed that payment will be done monthly by means of "cash send" to the "agent's" phone, where it can be drawn from any ABSA ATM.

The referral amount is due and payable at the 15th of the following month when a consumer has successfully paid his/her first installment, otherwise known as the "restructuring fee"

Onedebt may revise the referral fee as well as the conditions of referral unilaterally from time to time.

The referral fee is R500 per successful referral.

The "agent" may only market Onedebt's services with approved marketing material as provided on the Onedebt website, which may change from time to time.