3 Tips for Saving This Holiday Season

Tis (almost) the season to be jolly and typically, spend lots of money. If the upcoming
December holiday season makes you break out in a sweat over the huge amounts of money
you know you will be handing out, consider ways in which to save your money, while still
enjoying the merry season. We live in a world of large expectations and instant gratification,
with our children and families expecting more and more with each passing year. Planning
your Christmas time off wisely can result in an as enjoyable festive season, and help not
strain your budget.

What to do:

Plan gift giving carefully. Many of us falsely believe that we have to give an expensive
present to our loved ones at Christmas time. Before the Christmas holidays start, set a
budget for gifts – and stick to it. Explain to each member of the family that Christmas gifts
may not cost more than the stipulated budget. Better yet, encourage family and friends to
make Christmas gifts. What better than to receive a homemade gift that’s had time and
thought put into its creation? Share the costs of holiday meals is another way you could save
a substantial amount of money over the holiday season. Many families visit, and while it is
fantastic to see relatives you haven’t seen all year, the cost of feeding all your visitors can
add up. Make it a ‘rule’ that for family get-togethers, all share the cost of the meals. Stick to
your budget. This is an oft-repeated refrain, but as it is so necessary, it should be said time
and again. Planning your holiday spend is a wise way to start your holidays. When you know
how much you are able to afford, and by making a list of what can be spent where, you’ll
find that you are likely to enjoy the holiday season more as you won’t have to dread your
bank balance at the end of the holidays.

Happy holidays!

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the spending cycle during the holidays. If you have your
plan in place before you start, and you stick to it, you can be sure that you will enjoy every
moment of your Christmas holidays!
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