4 Steps To Becoming Debt Free

You may find yourself among the thousands of South Africans in need of a National Credit Regulator (NCR) Debt Counsellor to undergo debt review. Perhaps you are receiving unpleasant letters and phone calls from debt collectors. When worry consumes you and you are unable to pay the debt instalments, life loses its zest.

1.????? NCR Debt CounsellorS Help With Debt Review

You will find some relief from the weight of debt when you contact an NCR debt counsellor at One Debt and go under debt review. Your counsellor will help you to assemble a list of all your creditors and the monies owed to each.

After listing your income and basic living expenses, your counsellor will determine one monthly amount, you can afford to pay toward your consumer debts. Your counsellor will contact all of your creditors and arrange the necessary agreements for them to accept a specific amount each month until your debts are fully paid.

You send the determined monthly amount to One Debt and they will distribute the payments to your creditors.

Being under debt review you will breathe easier knowing your debt is reducing and the phone calls and letters will stop. You will be in a position to meet your familys needs without creating more debt.

You will need determination, patience and maturity to achieve a debt-free lifestyle. Becoming debt-free is a worthy goal that, once achieved, will afford you the things that you truly desire.

2.????? No Credit Purchases or Loans

Credit purchases and loans fall away when you are under debt review. You pay cash or you do not buy while you follow this programme. Consult with an NCR debt counsellor at One Debt and follow the progress of your debt consolidation. ?You might well find yourself moving towards becoming a frugal, mature person with self-discipline and good financial judgement.

3.????? Life Without Vehicle Instalments

Your NCR debt counsellor at One Debt will likely advise you rid yourself of an expensive car with high instalments, find a reliable used car and pay for it in cash.

4.????? It Is Time for Your First Investment

There will come a time when your NCR debt counsellor has served you well and you have only one debt left, which is a house. If you do not own a house, buy an affordable home as quickly as possible. Then, put everything above daily living expenses toward eliminating this debt. You are now debt free. Your money no longer goes to the finance companies and lending banks with thousands lost to interest payments. It is time to start building wealth through wise investments.

If you do not have an answer to your financial situation, consider debt review. Contact One Debt on 021 811 3328 for assistance from an NCR debt counsellor. You may also visit them on the web.