Avoid Being Blacklisted

If you find yourself weighed down by debt and the fear of being blacklisted looms ever closer, then an NCR debt counsellor should be your next phone call. There is no need to live afraid that your name will become synonymous with an adverse credit record and your assets repossessed. You have options available that can help you get the financial solutions you need.

Why Should I Contact an NCR Debt Counsellor?

The role of a debt counsellor is to help you manage your debt. In South Africa, an NCR debt counsellor is duly registered and authorised by the government to provide the public with services that help them regain control over their debt situations. One of the many benefits of using the services of a debt counsellor is to avoid blacklisting.

Most people tend to hesitate at the thought of contacting debt counsellors because they are afraid that it will lead to blacklisting. That is not true! Contacting an NCR debt counsellor means that your credit record will be placed under debt review, thus protecting you from debt collectors and creditors as you seek a solution together with your debt counsellor. This is different from blacklisting, which is something to avoid.

Why Should I Avoid Blacklisting?

As anyone who has ever been blacklisted will tell you, it is not something to take for granted. Once you are blacklisted, all the payments you have defaulted on are put on record. Any future credit purchases you attempt to make will now be flagged, thus making credit purchases difficult because no one wants to give credit to a person with a blotted credit profile. Things like personal loans, mortgages and even store accounts will prove a challenge to get. If the credit provider does agree to offer you the credit despite your blacklisting status, it will still cost you more. However, if you use the services of an NCR debt counsellor, they can intervene and prevent creditors from blacklisting you.

Take Action TODAY

If you are one of the millions of South Africans who find themselves stuck in the debt trap, then you need to contact an NCR debt counsellor like One Debt immediately. When you contact One Debt, you benefit from a debt review that will be totally acceptable to you as well as your credit providers. By negotiating with your creditors and assisting in reduction of your monthly payments, One Debt can help you stay off that dreaded blacklist and finally put you back on the path to financial security.

Contact One Debt today, and get to consult with professional debt counsellors with years of experience, coupled with empathetic, caring, confidential and competent service. The time to take action is NOW. Unshackle yourself from the chains of a debt-filled life, and contact One Debt today.