Bonus Saving Tips

Are you excited about your Christmas bonus from work? You can hear your parents’ voices in your head – “don’t spend it all in one go” – but with holidays just around the corner, it will probably get spent very quickly. Whether it is end of year bills to sort out, Christmas presents for family and friends, or a relaxing holiday for yourself, December sees the highest levels of spending throughout South Africa. Here are some important things to bear in mind when trying to save money this holiday season.

‘Tis the season to save

It is important to practice self-control when Christmas shopping. Savings, discounts and specials call to us from every shelf, but buy only what you came for and you won’t have a nasty surprise at the checkout counter. It helps to plan your Christmas shopping list ahead of time so that when browsing the aisles you won’t be tempted to buy extra items. For many people, money is wasted on extravagant Christmas dinners and gifts.

Think about what kind of holiday season you want to have this year; if it is only a small family Christmas dinner planned, you probably won’t need a whole turducken and 5 litres of gravy (even if it is on special!). The same applies when buying gifts – expensive presents are exciting but homemade or modest gifts can equally show your affection. Gift-giving is almost a competitive sport in some families, and it is wise to avoid that kind of behaviour if you want to save money.

Money saving in South Africa this holiday season

After all, Christmas is a time of joy and love, two things that don’t need money to be experienced or expressed. Think of ways you can show you family your affection without spending money – perhaps a picnic in the park or a trip to the beach instead of a fancy restaurant date, for example. Try to practice wise spending habits this holiday and you will probably find you enjoy the time better. And remember, stores always have excess stock after Christmas, so find your bargains and discounts then! For help with debt management, contact One Debt.