Could Debt Review Be The Answer You Are Looking For?

Debt review in Cape Town may be the answer many South Africans seek. You may be among those trapped in debt. Often it starts with just one life changing event that reduces your income and increases your expenses. Say an illness or accident that results in lost wages and increased medical expenses. Or your car engine seizes and you have to pay towing fees and buy another car. Or a death in your family necessities a trip out of town and days off work.

There are many ways it starts and, like most people your back- up in these situations is not your savings, it is credit cards. At the time, you don’t worry because you expect to pay it back right away. Only there is always somewhere else for the money each month and minimum payments are all you can make.

Your debt takes on a life of its own

By the time most people seek debt review in Cape Town, their debt is out of control. Some may spend several years juggling their debt in the hope that good fortune will find them and wipe the debt away. That almost never happens.

What does happen is worry and stress take a toll on family relationships and personal health. Like a pressure cooker, you know something has to give or your life is going to blow up. One Debt can help you release the pressure. A debt review may be the solution that will enable you to take control over your financial life before it ruins your personal life.  

In Cape Town, debt review may restore financial stability

It has been said that if you have money trouble your whole life is troubled. One Debt can help restore your financial health by setting up a repayment plan you can afford. Counsellors will contact all your creditors and arrange a repayment schedule with each of them. Based on your income and living expenses, an amount will be paid by you to One Debt each month. They will distribute payments to each of your creditors. The creditors will no longer solicit payment from you with threatening letters and phone calls. You and your family will learn how to live within your means and pay cash for everything.

In time you will be debt free. South Africans are taking back their lives with the help of One Debt.