Are You In Debt? Consider Counselling

What do you do when you realise your debt is mounting? For many, being in debt is cause for panic, and they make irresponsible financial decisions to try to counter their debt. This inevitably leads to even more debt and no solutions. Debt itself is not the end of the world; in fact, it can easily be managed and controlled. It is when the management of your debt fails that you need to worry. The key to controlling your debt and rising above it is to find a debt consultant who can help you with debt management.

Do you struggle with your debt?

When people struggle to meet debt repayment deadlines, they tend to take out another loan to pay off the first. When this doesn’t solve the rising debt problem, they take out yet another loan and the situation spirals further and further out of control. Avoid getting trapped in this loop and nip your debt in the bud with debt counselling. A debt counsellor will be able to provide a comprehensive plan of action to manage and control your debt. They can tailor a payment plan that budgets your income to efficiently cover all your debt repayments, as well as act as an intermediary between you and your creditors. When signing up with a debt counsellor, you stand to gain so much. A debt counsellor can help prevent you from being blacklisted or legally prosecuted due to bad debt, and can help extend your repayment plan or lower your repayment rates.

How to sign up for debt counselling

If you think debt counselling is just what you need, sign up with One Debt today. Simply fill in our online contact form for Debt Review and wait for a consultant to contact you. The application will require you to provide important documents such as your ID, proof of income and a list of your expenses, deductions, and all your creditors and debt. Fill in the application form in full and email or fax it, together with all your documents, to us. Our ten-step plan will see you successfully managing your debt and setting you on the course for a debt-free life. Contact One Debt today for more information or debt advice.