Debt Consolidation In 10 Simple Steps

Debt consolidation in 10 simple steps is the result of The National Credit Act’s goal to help South African consumers develop an affordable repayment plan through Debt Review with the assistance of Debt Counsellors. The plan allows over-indebted people to avoid costly court administration. A successful debt review will enable you to repay all your creditors with one affordable monthly payment to your payment distribution agent. That agent then disburses the money among your creditors according to an agreed repayment schedule.

Your advocate for debt consolidation in 10 simple steps

A debt free future in sight is yours with debt consolidation plus you have an advocate to walk you through the 10 simple steps. All you must do is follow your debt counsellors lead through the paperwork. They will collect your financial and debt information and contact your creditors. An agreement is reached with each creditor and your affordable monthly payment is determined. You must be committed to making that payment and avoiding new debt.

Commit to debt consolidation in 10 simple steps

When you work with your Debt Review Counsellor and commit to the 10 simple steps to debt consolidation your quality of life improves immediately. The financial burden is still there but relief is yours because you’re no longer carrying it alone and a solution has been found to reach the end goal of debt free. You have agreed to abstain now to sustain later and the primary beneficiary is you. Yes, your creditors get paid, but the real winner is you and your family. Financial problems bleed over into every other area of your life. Divorce, depression, violence and substance abuse can often be traced back to financial trouble. Commit to the ten simple steps to debt consolidation and set yourself free. The last of the ten steps is the best part of all; your credit record is clear. For more information about debt consolidation in 10 simple steps or to make an appointment with a Debt Review Counsellor, contact One Debt on 087 232 3400 today.