Don't Feel Stupid Just Because You're In Debt!

Finding yourself in debt is very stressful.  The prospect of not being able to meet your financial obligations is worrying.  Perhaps you cannot pay your bills or provide for your family. It is not unusual for people in this situation to berate themselves and to conclude they are stupid.   This is not helpful.  There are many reasons why you may find yourself in debt.  It could be due to unforeseen expenses, as a result of an accident or ill-health, the loss of employment, or a host of other issues.  Maybe you did make some bad decisions.  Hindsight is an exact science, as the saying goes.  It is far more helpful to take stock of where you are now and find a solution to be able to move forward.

What can you do when if you are in debt?

Signs that indicate you are over-indebted include receiving calls and letters from creditors demanding payment.  You may have a garnishee order on your salary.  Borrowing money from micro-lenders may be the only way you get through the month. Don’t allow the situation to deteriorate further.  There is help at hand.  Debt Counselling from One Debt could be the answer you are looking for.  The concept is a simple one.  All of your debts are consolidated into a single amount. On your behalf One Debt then agrees with your creditors how much each will be paid every month.  The amount agreed takes into account how much you require for your living expenses.  Every month you pay the agreed amount to a Payment Distribution Agency and they pay your creditors.  This continues until all of your debts are repaid and your credit record is declared clear.

How can you get help from One Debt?

You can resolve your debt situation with One Debt.  Give us a call today and one of our consultants will advise you on the process you should follow.  It all starts with one phone call and we will guide you from there.  Once you have arranged a repayment plan with One Debt you will be able to sleep easy once again.