Don't Let Your Sweet Tooth Wreck Your Budget This Easter

Chocolate lovers live for Easter and all the goodies it brings. But between the road trips, family get-togethers, and other festivities, you could end up denting your pocket. Plus, if you’re already in debt, you probably don’t have the funds to celebrate anyway. You might find yourself waiting a few days so you can grab post-season-sweets at a discount. Then you’ll lock the doors, close the curtains, and nibble your goodies under the bed to avoid drawing the ire of your creditors. That’s the hard way to dodge your lenders. What’s the easy way?

Put it all together

Whether your debt comes from student loans, holiday shopping, medical bills, or all the above, One Debt can help. Our 10-step-plan aims to merge your debt from all those different sources and consolidate them into a single pool. Then we help you negotiate a single monthly payment that assuages all your individual creditors. This combined payment will be submitted to a Payment Distribution Agency we’ll help you find. The Agency will pass the cash to your creditors, so you won’t have to worry about anxiety-inducing phone calls or loud bangs on the door. You won’t have to speak to your creditors at all, we’ll do everything for you.

Reconciling you and your debt

Our aim is to keep you comfortable, and to assure your debtors get their money in a way that lessens stress for all parties involved. We do this by serving as go-between for you and individual credit providers, credit bureaus and the NCR (National Credit Regulator). We’ll contact them to get all the required credit details, forms, and relevant materials. We’ll confirm how much you owe, to whom, and when. We’ll help you figure out the total amount and arrange a workable repayment plan. And once everything is paid, we’ll verify a clearance certificate (Form 19), obtaining a copy for you and sending another to everyone you previously owed money. Less than a week after full repayment, you’ll have official debt-free status. For help getting out of debt this Easter, call One Debt today.