Don't Spend Extra To Be Warmer This Winter

For many of us, the word winter conjures images of fireside gatherings with mugs of hot chocolate. For others, it brings a feeling of dread, knowing that heating and food bills are likely to be higher than in the summer months. Hearty meals like soups and stews are typical, as well as hauling out the trusty heater to take the chill off the air.

Less can be more

If the thought of higher electricity and food bills makes you worried, try these pointers to save a little money, and stay warm this winter. Layer up: instead of turning on the heater, which will increase your electricity bill, put on another jersey and use an extra blanket on your bed. Stick to your budget: it is so tempting, especially in winter, to spend money on comfort food and ready-made meals. A hearty stew or broth will taste great, if not better, than pre-made meals and will cost you a fraction of the price to prepare. At the same time, when you cook your meal, make a double portion and freeze the extra for another mealtime. Close your curtains: a super simple winter trick, closing your curtains will keep the cold on the outside and the warm on the inside. Leave the oven door open after baking: when you’ve made supper or baked muffins, why not leave the oven door open a crack? There is a lot of heat in your oven, and letting it escape puts the heat to good use by warming up the kitchen. Close the door: if you are not using a particular room, keep its door closed. When you are in the room, closing the door can increase the room’s temperature as your body’s heat as well as the heat produced by lights or other electronics will be kept within the room.

Protect your budget

Protect your budget this winter and keep warm at the same time. It doesn’t always take money to save money. Sensible planning and a change of habit can go a long way in keeping your budget intact during the cold months. Contact One Debt for more budget-friendly winter tips.