Don't Wait For The New Year To Apply For Debt Consolidation

Another year is nearing its end. Have you found that it was another year of battling debt and staying afloat financially? Every year it feels as if everything is getting more expensive and many people struggle to make ends meet. Around this time is when many people look over the financial year and feel shocked at how much their debt has risen. If this sounds familiar to you, now is the time to act.

Don’t let another year of debt get you down; apply for debt consolidation today

One Debt provides debt consolidation with ten easy steps. Debt consolidation can help you manage and maintain a healthy debt repayment plan that will soon have you debt free. The process is designed to allow you to meet your debt repayment deadlines on time within the limits of what you can afford. Apply to One Debt today. We start by alerting all your credit providers, the NCR and the credit bureaus that you are undergoing debt review. We then set you up with a Payment Distribution Agency who will design a debt repayment plan and budget according to your financial situation, and negotiate with your creditors regarding repayments. When your repayment plan is approved, all you need to do is make one monthly payment to the Payment Distribution Agency. They will then distribute that amount between all your creditors according to your repayment plan.

Why choose debt consolidation?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by multiple debt responsibilities, debt consolidation is the best solution for you. This will allow you to freedom of not juggling all your creditors and debt repayments every month, and makes provision for your other daily and monthly expenses so that you are not left bankrupt or broke. While under debt review, you are also protected from being blacklisted or having legal action taken against you regarding bad debt. With One Debt, you can quickly and easily be rid of your debt. Start the new year on a positive note that sets you on the path towards better financial management and freedom. Contact One Debt today to find out more about our debt consolidation.