Feeling Stuck? Dig Your Way Out Of Debt

Are you feeling stuck? Dig your way out of debt today by taking action to free yourself from that overwhelming feeling of over-indebtedness. Taking action makes you feel that you have regained control over your situation, and that there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Contact a reputable debt review consultant to discuss your situation and the extent of your indebtedness.  Remember, you need not feel embarrassed to speak to a debt review counsellor. The poor state of the South African economy is a major factor in many cases of over-indebtedness, and recent data shows that more than half of consumers owe 75% or more to creditors – so you are not alone!

How do you go about Applying for Debt Review?

It’s as easy as picking up the phone to discuss the process with a debt review specialist company if you are feeling stuck. Dig your way out of debt with professional assistance. The process is quite simple! A trained consultant will discuss your debt situation with you, explaining in detail what is involved and how your debt will be structured to ensure affordability. Safe in the hands of a reputable debt review company, you can say good-bye to sleepless nights because the National Credit Act introduced debt counsellors to protect over-indebted consumers with their debt review.

In South Africa Many Consumers Are Feeling Stuck! Dig your way out of Debt Today

So you have made the decision to proceed with placing yourself under debt review! The process is implemented by a 10 step plan beginning with your credit information being drawn from all credit bureaus, and the full process and costs involved being explained to you. Once all documentation is in place, the NCR and all credit bureaus will be advised of your successful application for debt review. Your consolidated monthly payment will be made by you to a Payment Distribution Agency who will distribute your monthly payments to creditors as agreed – it’s that simple! Still feeling stuck? Dig your way out of debt today by contacting One Debt online or by phone.