Find Out Why Debt Review is a Better Option to Consider

Looking down from the top of a mountain of debt, you may think it’s too late for debt
counselling to help. It seems like somebody should have offered debt counselling long
before the base of that mountain was formed. Likely there were warnings from different
sectors, but you may have been moving too fast to hear. You’re balancing your payments
until expenses exceed your income. That’s when you start with credit cards; first one and
then two. You balance those okay for a while but then starts the slide. Each month you fall
further behind until your home is at risk, your car needs repairs and your credit cards are

What’s the Better Option? Give Up or Seek Debt Review

Perhaps you have just reached the bottom of the long slow slide into debt. You know it
because you keep getting threatening phone calls from creditors and past due notices in the
post. It didn’t happen overnight. Although it does for some. Some people hit the bottom
sooner because they were unemployed for a long period of time, or suffered an illness that
cost money and slowed income. Others just bought fast and above their budget; expensive
cars, holidays, furnishings and more. You can punch through your debt ceiling in one year
and then lose everything. Debt counselling may have prevented such real life scenarios but
you missed that class. The good news is that it’s not too late. Debt Review now will
definitely have a profound and lasting impact.

If You Still Want the Good Life, Debt Review is the Better Option

You could move out of your house or apartment, change your phone number, let the bank
take your car and hide from the credit card companies. If you do that, your debts will plague
you into old age. Your credit rating will be ruined so even if you have a job you won’t be able
to buy the big ticket items like a house or new car. For South Africans, debt review is the
better option. It can help you right now, today and change your future for the better.

 The threatening phone calls and letters will stop right away.

 You will have money to meet your daily needs.
 You make one payment a month to your debt counsellor who pays your creditors.
 You will reach the end of your indebtedness with the opportunity to achieve a good

Debt Review is the better option because you will come out of it with your dignity and the
knowledge to manage your financial life responsibly.

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