Is Being Frugal The Only Solution To Combat Debt?

Famous books ranging from the Bible to Shakespeare give the same sage advice regarding money. They say things like, ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be,’ or ‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’ However, the reality is we all need cash to live. We have to pay for food, shelter, education, and even a few luxuries. And sometimes, we get in a little over our heads. We find ourselves spending more money than we actually have, so we use credit cards, or take loans, or get involved with unwise short-term cash solutions. This can soon get overwhelming, and when that happens, we need a helping hand to get out of that mess.

Saving is great but it’s not everything

Our parents and grandparents lived in a different time. A lot of them were surrounded by scarcity because of political and social conditions. Life today is different. We are largely at ease, so we have the tastes and technologies that let us have nice things. We are more driven by experiences, and we’re willing to invest a few rands in a nice car or decadent dinner. It’s not always possible to save up for these expenses, so we use our cards or get a payday loan, and soon this catches up. Are there any other ways to deal with debt while still enjoying life?

Time management is your greatest weapon

The situation seems impossible because without that magic piece of plastic, could you ever afford anything? What consumers don’t know is the problem isn’t the card itself. It’s the interest rate. If you pay up before the deadline, your interest is lower, so you don’t drown in debt. But then if you could pay in time, you wouldn’t need a card, would you? Luckily, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. One Debt is an agency that can help you figure out how to pay on time, and avoid falling behind in future. We have debt solutions and lots of friendly, helpful staff on call. Get in touch with One Debt today for more information on successful debt management.