Get Out Of Debt One Step At A Time

If you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, debt review in Cape Town could be the solution you need.  There are a number of signs that you are over-indebted; here are just 3:  

  1. You could be using your credit card for your monthly living expenses such as groceries, rent, or transportation.  
  2. Perhaps you are receiving notices and letters from creditors because you are falling behind in your payments?  
  3. You may not have enough money to make it through the month until your next payday, and you are turning to micro-lenders.  

Financial problems can cause you significant stress, and this can affect your health.  You need a plan that will help you get out of debt, one step at a time.

One Debt Can Help

One Debt has more than 20-years experience in financial services and can assist you with debt review in Cape Town. With debt review you can avoid being blacklisted or having to go into administration.  The purpose of it is to develop a repayment plan that is manageable for you, and acceptable to your credit providers.  Instead of paying each of your credit providers, you pay only one installment that is affordable for you. The payment distribution agency (PDA) then pays the agreed amount to each of your creditors for you.  

You do not have to interact with your credit providers; One Debt will manage the whole process for you.  With One Debt you can pay back what you owe without being crushed in the process.

In Cape Town, Debt Review is Easy

One Debt outlines a detailed ten-step process that will take you from your current difficulties to having all your debt repaid, with a clear credit record.  In general terms it starts with you completing the One Debt application form and providing all the requested documents. From there, One Debt will do the rest.  They will agree an acceptable repayment plan with all of your credit providers on your behalf.  You will pay a single, affordable monthly instalment that will be distributed.  

One step at a time, one month at a time, you will repay your creditors until you find yourself debt free once again.  Contact One Debt for all the details on how debt review in Cape Town can work for you.