How Can a Debt Counsellor Help You?

Are you feeling under pressure from letters of demand, phone calls from creditors,
and have credit cards that are out of control? If you feel you are drowning in debt, it
is time to stop and take a good look at how you can stay afloat. A person who has
too much debt and cannot afford to repay it is known to be over-indebted. If you
believe you are over-indebted, it is a wise decision to contact a debt counsellor for
The first step is to accept that you need help with the situation that you find yourself
in and ask for it. A counsellor will access your information from the credit bureau;
explain the process and what documentation is needed.

How Does Debt Counselling Work?

You’ll need the following documentation for your appointment with the debt

  • Your ID book
  • Your proof of income
  • A bank statement
  • A list of your household expenses
  • Your dependents
  • A list of your debt and creditors

Once you are under debt review all your creditors along with the necessary parties
(NCR, creditors and credit bureaus) will be informed. Thus, your creditors will no
longer trouble you as a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) will be allocated to you
to keep contact with your creditors and distribute payments to them. You are
allocated a portion of your income to live on and you pay an amount to the PDA to
pay your creditors. Once all agreed payments are fulfilled, you will be issued with a
clearance certificate. A copy will be sent to all your creditors, the NCR and credit
bureaus and within 5 days your credit record will be clear.

Choose a Professional Debt Counsellor

You can check the credentials of a debt counsellor with the NCR. The NCR regulates
the credit industry in South Africa. A debt counsellor has the experience and the
knowledge to ably assist you to take control of your debt. Speaking to a debt
counsellor is the first step to a new start to a debt-free, stress less part of your life.

Wondering how a debt counsellor can assist you? Speak to One Debt today for more