How to Choose a Reputable Debt Counsellor

You may wonder how to choose a reputable debt counsellor to assist with the restructuring
of your debt. The National Credit Act allows for debt counselling for South Africans, so select
one that has the total skill set. Choose a team of experienced financial advisors that
understand and can clearly convey the benefits and legalities of a Debt Review. You want a
counsellor who takes time to get to know you and understand your struggle. An empathetic
counsellor will not just tell you what you need to do, he or she will also show you how and
walk alongside you through the process. A debt consolidation counsellor needs the
professional and personal skills to develop a financial repayment plan that works for you
and your creditors.

A Reputable Debt Counsellor Helps You Achieve the Goal

The goal of a debt counsellor is to design a Debt Review that relieves your stress, pays off
your debt and allows you to meet your daily needs. Most South Africans want to avoid going
under administration. They assume it is a long, drawn out and costly undertaking that may
leave you with nothing. Instead, debt counsellors will stop your creditors from threatening
or actually taking legal action against you. You will never have to talk to them again. You will
make one monthly payment each month and that payment is portioned out to each of your
creditors. The payment is one you can afford and still live in your home, drive a car and care
for your family.

Choose a Reputable Debt Counsellor by the Quality of Their Vision and Reputation

A debt counsellor should believe in the service they provide to their clients. They will take
pride in introducing those suffering under a weight of debt to the opportunities afforded
them by the National Credit Act. A reputable debt counsellor is registered with National
Credit Regulator and will have a registration number. They are also not legally allowed to
pay your credit providers on your behalf once your debt has been restructured, and are
required to use a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) that is registered with the National
Credit Regulator.

For more details about choosing the right debt counsellor for you, speak to One Debt today.