How to Save Money this Winter

Winter is definitely here, where our night-time temperatures drop to below freezing. While
winter often evokes happy thoughts of hot chocolate and delicious stews, it also makes one
worry about the higher cost of living typically associated with the chilly season. Here are a
few tips to consider for saving money this winter.
Don’t feed your electricity bill
During the months of June to September, we tend to use our heaters more regularly.
Consider wearing an extra jersey and socks, especially if you’re lounging about the house. If
you are watching movies, snuggle up in bed with an extra blanket. There’s no need to
increase your electricity bill by using heaters. If you must use a heater, use it to heat up one
room at a time. Close the door while the heater is on so that the warm air is contained
within the room. Our biggest electricity culprit is the geyser. It can add up to 40 % of your
electricity bill. The simplest way to keep this cost down is to switch off the geyser when it’s
not in use. Using your kitchen appliances sparingly will also help. For instance, only boil the
amount of water you actually need at one time.
Food for thought
Eating out may be enjoyable, but is the cost of eating out justified when you can prepare
nutritious and delicious meals at home for a fraction of the price? No-name food products
are just as good as the branded products, but without the eye-catching packaging. When
you are shopping for food, prepare a grocery list beforehand – and stick to it. A helpful tip
here is to have a snack before you do your grocery shopping. This will help you avoid the
temptation of adding items that you haven’t budgeted for because you are feeling hungry.
Staying in is the new going out. Having friends over for a meal is far more pocket-friendly
than going out for a meal. And if each person contributes towards the meal, even better. It
is the small things that count when saving money. Cutting back on unnecessary expenditure
goes a long way towards saving money this winter.
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