How to Save on Electricity Bills Now, Before Winter is Back

Summer is a happy season. The many hours of sunlight, the clear skies and hot days all
contribute to lower electricity usage. Saving electricity is hardly thought of during summer.
Cooking is easier – many enjoy the benefits of light easy meals and outdoor cooking. And, as
it is far from chilly, heaters are packed away without a second thought.
ESKOM’s chief financial officer recently announced that the power utility has applied for an
electricity price increase. One expects price increases in the new year. However, the
application is for a 20.5% increase. This is due to take effect on April 1, 2022. If the
application is granted and does come into effect, the cost of electricity will be extremely
high. One way to combat the sudden increase in your electricity bill is to start making a
conscious effort to reduce electricity usage now. In this way, the increase will not have as
big an impact in April.

Tips to lower your electricity usage:

  • Be sensible about your electricity usage. If an appliance is not being used, unplug it.
    The same applies to lights. When you leave a room, switch off the light. Exchange
    your current light bulbs for LED and lower wattage bulbs.
  • Have a look at your heaters and decide if they are electricity guzzlers or not. If they
    are, consider investing in a gas heater. A gas heater is reasonably priced and the gas
    used is more cost-effective than using electricity.
  • Consider exchanging your electric stove for a gas stove. There are substantial
    electricity bill savings when you convert to gas powered appliances.
  • Shower rather than bath. A shower uses far less hot water than a bath. This, in turn,
    means less electricity usage for hot water. Reduce the geyser’s thermostat to 55°C.
    The water is still more than hot enough for your shower, but the geyser will use less
    electricity to heat up.

Getting into the habit of saving on electricity now will certainly help when the price hike comes into effect.

It is the little things that count, so by doing them often enough that they
become an ingrained habit means that you won’t have to think twice about electricity

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