How To Winterproof Your Home On A Budget

How are you preparing to save costs this winter season? From grocery bills to electricity usage, all our expenses seem to increase over winter. Sometimes it seems as if energy saving is synonymous with money saving, so we have a list of ways that you can do both this winter. Installing energy saving products doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can DIY many of them yourself.

Top ways to keep warm without breaking the bank

Instead of blasting all your heaters, which can drain your power bill faster than your bank account can keep up, rather look at how you can conserve the existing heat in your home. The first step is to identify and block all the draughts to prevent cold air getting in. You can cover letterbox slits and cat flaps in your doors with wool, cardboard or plastic, and use a draught excluder for the gap between your doors and floors. You can make a simple “sausage dog” draught excluder by stuffing an old stocking with socks, fabrics, or even sand or gravel. Alternatively, simply roll a towel or old blanket into a tube and lay it at the bottom of your doors. Another place where a lot of heat is lost due to draughts is the chimney, if you have one. If you’re not lighting fires in your chimney, you can close the flue or use a chimney balloon to block off the airflow up the chute.

Budget-friendly insulation

Now that you’ve insulated against draughts, you can also insulate against other chills. Double glazing for your windows is expensive, but you can DIY double glaze on the cheap. Hardware stores sell affordable panels of film that you can stick to windows to stop heat escaping, or, for a truly budget solution, simply tape bubble wrap to your window panes. Insulation is not just for doors and windows, though. Curtains and carpets are good insulators too. You can also wrap a blanket or insulation sheet over your geyser to save electricity when using hot water. With these tips and tricks, you can keep warm this winter without it costing you. For more winter money saving tips, contact One Debt today.