Is Debt Review for You?

If you are struggling to make ends meet, you may be experiencing a large amount of stress.
Phone calls from debt collectors insisting on payment can have you worried. Not knowing if
you can meet your financial obligations every month will place a lot of strain on you. It can
impact your health and it can damage your relationships. With bills climbing, using your
credit card for groceries, and borrowing from micro-lenders to cover your monthly
expenses, you know you have a problem. It may seem like there are no options available to
you but there are things that you can do to solve your situation.

How can Debt Review help?

If you are over-indebted, it is worth speaking to a debt counsellor. He can place you under
debt review and provide you with a plan to clear your debt. How it works is that it
consolidates all of your debts into one affordable monthly payment. The amount that you
pay is worked out in a specific way. Your debt counsellor will first establish how much
money you require to cover your monthly living expenses and basic necessities. Considering
the remaining amount, your debt counsellor will then negotiate on your behalf with each of
your creditors about how much you will pay them every month. Each month you make this
payment to a Payment Distribution Agency and they distribute the agreed amounts to your
creditors. You don’t have to have any interaction with the creditors you owe money to. You
continue with this arrangement until all of your debts have been paid off and you receive a
clear credit record. Once you have been placed under Debt Review you can stop avoiding
telephone calls, and you can sleep at night knowing you have a plan.

How can you access Debt Review?

To access debt review you need to make an appointment with a debt counsellor. You’ll
complete an application form and provide the documentation requested. Using the
assistance of a debt counsellor and debt review is a positive step towards becoming debt

For assistance with debt review, call One Debt today and speak to one of our friendly