Is There Life After Debt?

NCR debt counsellors claim that there definitely is life after debt and they are more than happy to help your reach that goal! If you struggling to get out of debt, then they are the professionals you need to contact.

The Debt Trap

According to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) which is an institution that monitors human rights violations, there are approximately 10 million South African consumers in debt. This situation is mostly attributed to poor spending decisions and poor management when dealing with debt. People simply don’t know how to effectively plan a strategy for getting out of debt and they fail to pay, whether their credit cards or bank loans. One popular poor strategy is to borrow small loans to repay bigger loans, a practise which eventually adds up to more debt.

The fact that once in debt you start receiving daily notices and phone calls from creditors is not helping and further aggravates your stress level and self-confidence. Living in debt means living in a state of constant fear. Fear of not losing your job, your car of even your house. Debt is so bad that it can even split families apart. If you find yourself in this situation don’t hesitate to get professional help from NCR debt counsellors. Their mission is to help you get out of debt.

Under the National Credit Act, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) was established to regulate the South African credit industry. The NCR protects South African citizens from creditors and the first step you need to take to reach a debt free life is to contact NCR debt counsellors in your area.

What Can NCR Debt Counsellors Do For You?

NCR debt counsellors offer professional assistance to efficiently manage your debt and financial situation. As soon as you contact an NCR debt counsellor, you will undergo a debt review. Your case will be analysed in detail and, based on your monthly income, NCR debt counsellors will develop a repayment plan while making sure to leave you enough funds for your everyday expenses as well.

One major benefit of a debt review is that it makes debt manageable and less scary. You suddenly realise that indeed: there is life after debt!

Counsellors will go so far in offering their assistance that they will even keep contact with your creditors on your behalf. Furthermore, they will negotiate a monthly minimum payment. All you have to do now is the make one single agreed monthly payment which is automatically distributed to your creditors. By following through with the repayment plan you will eventually get out of debt and enjoy the benefits of a debt-free life. Does this sound like a good idea? Contact One Debt now.