How To Maximise Your Savings This Winter

Do you dread the winter months? Not only is the weather cold and miserable, but those monthly expenses just seem to double. Electricity bills will skyrocket, as it takes more energy to keep the geyser warm and you will likely be using heaters and appliances more often to stay warm too. Your clothing store bills have increased as you need to ensure that warm coats and winter clothes are provided for you and your family. Even your grocery expenditure has risen, as people tend to eat more when they feel cold. If anyone is ill due to the inclement weather, there are medical costs to add to the bill too. Winter seems to be more expensive every year!

How to save this winter

The first step towards savings of any nature is to analyse your uses and expenses and cut out what you don’t need. Ask yourself if you really need a heater in every room of the house. If you do need a new heater or two, shop around for models that are energy efficient and affordable, and perhaps portable so that you can move it from room to room. Keeping the electricity bill down is difficult in winter, but it can be done. Make sure that you make use of your curtains to retain heat in the home, and add an extra duvet or fleece blanket instead of a costly electric blanket for warmth in bed. Keeping up with new fashion trends is important for the modern adult or teenager, but not as important as reducing your expenses when you need to. Last year’s winter clothing can be hauled out of storage to avoid costly new clothes.

Staying warm is easy if you know how to maximise your savings this winter

The key aspect of saving is responsible spending. It may be tempting to splurge on the latest winter goods, but stick to your budget and buy accordingly. Contact One Debt for advice on spending, or assistance if you’ve found that this winter has cost you more than you bargained for.