NCR Debt Counsellors

With the continuous increase in debt of South Africans, the role of NCR debt counsellors has become very important. An individual who is in deep debt is bound to be stressed-out and as a result will not be thinking clearly because fear and despair will be the only two things on their mind.

Such a person should consult a debt counsellor immediately. A debt counsellor can assist you in making informed decisions by helping you see things more clearly. However, the debt counsellor needs to be trained in accordance with the regulations and standards of the National Credit Regulator, which is also known as NCR.

The South African law clearly states that those individuals who are unable to meet their obligations of debt should consult a NCR debt counsellor before the creditor files any legal charges against them. As soon as a person opts for debt counselling, their creditors are immediately notified by the debt counsellor and as a result they get to see that the individual is serious about their current predicament.

A NCR debt counsellor can prove to be a great asset because not only can they be helpful in creating a budget and organising your accounts but they can also merge all of your unsettled debts into one single file and help you create a workable repayment schedule in which you will only have to make one repayment every month.

Your NCR debt counsellor will also make sure that they restructure your repayments in such a way that a certain amount is set aside every month for your basic day to day expenses like food and transport etc.

As your creditors obviously want their debt paid and don’t want you to file for bankruptcy. They will therefore work with your NCR debt counsellor as they negotiate with all of your creditors on your behalf and does all the leg work to provide you with a reduced interest rate and fees.

They can also provide you with peace of mind by relieving you from the stress of having to answer phone calls from the creditors and making payments yourself. All of this will be done on your behalf and not only protect you from legal charges but can also improve your credit rating and help you take back control of your financial life.

So, if you want to choose a NCR debt counsellor who has your best interest at heart then you need to contact One Debt immediately and bring a list of all your debts along with information about your income as well as any documentation that relates to your current condition. For more information you can click here