Overwhelmed by Debt? What is the Next Step?

It can be tough to make ends meet in these increasingly more difficult economic times.
Quite often, one can find themselves sinking further into debt. If you’ve recently received a
reduction in your working hours, or worse, no longer have a job, your debt may feel
overwhelming and you may feel there is no end to this vicious cycle. The SA Human Rights
Commission released statistics recently that show that more than 50 % of South African
consumers are over-indebted. This has been exuberated by the poor economic climate we
now find ourselves.

You can make a change in your on debt cycle

A debt counselling program, called debt review, is available to assist over-indebted
consumers to get back on track. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with a registered
debt counsellor, you will be able to begin making the change you need. First, the debt
counsellor will consolidate all of your debt into one lump sum.  He will then negotiate an
affordable repayment plan with each of your creditors.  Each month you pay a single
amount and this is distributed to your creditors according to this agreement.  You are
provided with legal protection once you are in a debt counselling program and no one
will be able to repossess your belongings.

Debt review helps to remove some of the stress you are likely experiencing during this
difficult financial time.  A plus point of debt review is that it isn’t necessary for you to deal
with your creditors directly. Another plus is that your repayment plan is affordable so that
you can provide for the daily living requirements of your family.  By continuing to pay your
monthly installments, your debt will ultimately be paid off and your credit record will be
clear once again.

How can you access debt review?

The process is simple to access a debt review program. Schedule an appointment to
speak with a consultant. You’ll be advised on what documentation you need to provide,
including the list of your creditors and your debt.  You will complete the application form
with all the required information. The consultant will guide you through the entire process.
There is help at hand.  Choose debt review and don’t let debt overwhelm you.

Debt review is available to those who are over-indebted. Speak to One Debt today for