Quick Saving Tips For When Money Is Tight

In today’s increasingly busy world, it often seems that there is never enough money to buy what you really need and want. You may have noticed that the price of yoghurt or croissants has risen, leaving you wondering about the pair of shoes that you really would like, but don’t really need. Saving money is about being conscientious, and strict with yourself. It is easy to say that you can’t save because every cent goes towards necessities. But, with a little foresight and careful planning, you will be able to save and then buy your new (wanted) pair of shoes.

Try these tips

Firstly, always create a budget. By having a budget, you will know precisely what your monthly expenses are and how you can expect to put a little aside. Remember that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Look for the unbranded items and buy in bulk. A cleaning detergent, regardless of its name and packaging, will still clean. Consider how much your electricity bill is costing you each month. By making small changes like switching off the appliances at the wall and changing light bulbs to energy-saving light bulbs, as well as turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, you will shave off a substantial amount from your monthly electricity bill. Another tip worth considering is to only boil enough water in your kettle for your needs. Each time you boil a full kettle for one cup of coffee, you are wasting electricity – money that can be used towards your new shoes.

Practise makes perfect

Money saving ideas may seem like an effort, but really, all it takes is a little practise. Once you are in the habit of, say, switching off your lights, you won’t think twice about doing it. And by doing it, you will be saving money. Everyone in your household needs to be on the same money saving page. Teach your spouse and your children money saving habits and ensure they all take part. In a short while, they won’t even realise that they are helping towards saving money! Give One Debt a call to find out more about how you and your family can save money.