Small Steps for Big Savings this Winter

Winter is here with a bang. Temperatures are falling steadily and the days are getting
shorter. There are ways to save a little money this winter. Winter can be a large drain on
your finances. Heating your home can mean a bigger electricity bill, but by following a few
small steps and winter-proofing your home, you’ll be able to save substantial amounts of
South Africa’s temperate climate is one of its main attractions. However, this means that we
feel the cold of winter all the more. Our homes do not have double glazed windows and we
don’t have central heating systems.

But, there are ways to stay warm – and save on heating bills.

  • Wear extra layers of clothing. Extra socks, another jersey and even a beanie go a long
    way in keeping you warm without having to switch on an electricity guzzling heater.
  • Switch off lights and appliances that you aren’t using. Replace the bulbs with low
    energy or energy saving bulbs.
  • Make a snake. Drafts can sneak into your home and lower the temperature inside
    quite quickly. An easy way to stop a draft from coming into your home is by folding a
    towel and placing it in front of the door.
  • Hang heavy curtains at your windows. Much of the heat inside your home escapes
    through the glass of the window, even if they are shut.
  • If you do need to use a heater, only have it on to warm up the room. It is also a good
    idea to close the door of the room so the heat doesn’t escape.
  • Turn the thermostat of your geyser down by 1 degree. This can lower your electricity
    bill by up to 10 %.
  • Use cold water to wash your clothes. Soap works well regardless of the temperature
    of the water.
  • Carpets also help reduce the chill in a room. A few, non-expensive rugs strategically
    placed can keep the room warm, and provide a stylish look.

Using more electricity in winter is inevitable. However, with a few clever and small tricks,
you can save on your electricity bill (and stay warm) this chilly season.

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