Spring into the New Season with These Money Saving Ideas

Spring is a wonderful season! The days are slowly but surely getting longer, and warmer. Spring often means preparing for the summer ahead. It represents a return to new rhythms and patterns.  Many do a huge spring-clean in their homes, sweeping out the dregs of winter and inviting the warmth and cleanliness in. The same can be said for our finances. Spring doesn’t have to lead to poor financial habits.  It is a perfect opportunity to have a good look at what you could be doing to make things better and simpler. 

Spring clean your budget

Have you succumbed to poor ‘winter’ eating habits and splurged on take away foods more often than you should? Or perhaps used the heater more instead of putting on another warm jersey? Now is the time to have a hard look at your spending habits and where you need to exercise restraint. It is likely that you overspent your food budget a few times during the cold winter. Perhaps you feel justified as you made an effort to save on electricity costs? Now is the time to take a good hard look and plan for the weeks ahead. Give your budget a good once-over to see where you can save more money and stop bad habits.

A little now means more, later

You could also look at ways to make a little extra cash, putting it away for those special occasions. When you do your home’s spring-clean, have a look at the gadgets and items cluttering up your home that you hardly use. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This is certainly true and it could mean a few extra Rand in your pocket.  Cut out the ‘must have’ skinny latte before work – is it really necessary? Have a look at grocery and clothing store sales. Many, if not all, have massive sales in spring. You could buy in bulk or take advantage of the two-for-one deals. Applaud yourself if you have been putting time in at the gym over winter. Now that spring is all but here, you will be able to do more exercise outside and spend less on (costly) indoor exercise. Enjoy the new season with a clear plan for the months ahead. 

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