Start The Year On A Positive Note With Debt Counselling

Are you missing out on the joy and excitement of a new year because you’re still dealing with last year’s debt? For some, 2019 promises to be full of brand new experiences and opportunities. For others, it threatens to be a financial nightmare. If you feel like your debt repayments are simply never going to end, why not consider debt review and counselling? Debt review can help you gain control over your financials again.

What is debt review?

Debt review is a process that you can sign up for, free of charge. While under debt review, you cannot be blacklisted or legally pursued for any debt-related reasons. Your debt review agency will look at all your outstanding debt, and communicate with your creditors as well as the credit bureaus and the NCR on your behalf. They will enlist a Payment Distribution Agency to draft a debt repayment plan that is feasible and practical in accordance with your available budget and financial situation. They then negotiate with your creditors until every party is satisfied with this new repayment budget. Once the plan is approved, you make one single payment to the Payment Distribution Agency, and they will distribute the amount between your creditors. The process is designed to allow you to meet your debt repayment deadlines on time within the limits of what you can afford.

Apply to One Debt today

Don’t let another year of debt get you down. Take action and apply for debt review to start rebuilding your financial security. With one easy monthly payment, the time will fly by and you will soon be debt free. When your plan is completed, and all your debt is repaid, your credit record will be cleared and you will be issued a Clearance Certificate. Without the overhanging burden of debt, you will be able to welcome a new year full of opportunities and financial possibilities. Start your 2019 looking forward. Contact One Debt for more information debt review and debt counselling today.