Stop Using Your Credit Card To Buy Groceries!

Is it time that you discovered the benefits of a debt review? Money is tight, especially as the end of the month draws near, and yet you and the children have to be fed. There’s no other choice except to use your credit card to buy the groceries and the other essentials of everyday life. Does that sound familiar? It’s a scenario that all too many people in South Africa are having to face, and just one of many signs that personal indebtedness is getting out of hand.

Does Your Debt Seem Too Big To Handle?

The recent world economic downturn hit South Africa particularly hard. Many people lost their jobs, and many of those who were lucky enough to keep their job found that their hours were cut or they were subject to a pay freeze. While the money coming in was shrinking, the money going out stayed the same, or often increased. That’s because in times of crisis people turn to credit cards, personal loans, or payday loans to give them a little extra spending power. That can seem okay at first, but all too soon the amount owed can spiral out of control, until credit cards are not only being used to buy groceries, but also to pay off other sources of debts, or simply to service the interest on those debts. A professional debt review can help you break out of this vicious cycle and regain control of your personal finances.

Just What Is A Debt Review?

Where do you turn to when you have more debt than you can hope to repay? Don’t look for yet another loan, get in touch with the expert team at One Debt and see how a debt review can help you.

Rather than pay lots of individual payments, you can make one monthly payment, so it’s easier to manage and keep on top of. You won’t have to negotiate with your creditors directly, as your debt reviewer will be empowered to do that on your behalf. They have a wealth of experience in this area, and so you may find that they can get repayment periods extended, or even reduce the amount of the instalments you have to pay. You’ll also receive automatic protection against being blacklisted, which is great news for your financial future as well.

Taking The First Step To A Debt Free Future

Finding yourself in financial difficulty can be embarrassing, something One Debt understands. Be assured that you can talk to our team in the strictest confidence, and that you will always be treated with sympathy and respect. Our aim is always to help our clients overcome their debt problems, and we’re proud that our ten step plan has helped so many South Africans say goodbye to the debt and worries that were weighing them down.

To find out how a debt review can help you, and to say goodbye to using your credit card to buy groceries, contact One Debt.