Swimming Against a Tidal Wave of Debt

Two of the easiest things to do is one, get into debt, and two let an NCR debt counsellor lead you out of debt. There is no shortage of temptations to lead you into debt. One could even feel victimised by the cacophony of hucksters that bombard us every time we turn on the TV, radio, or log onto the internet. Credit card companies send us “pre-approved” credit card offers when we are short of cash. Rarely do we hear the total cost of an item up front. Marketers promote the affordable monthly payment. A few affordable payments … and suddenly you are in debt.

Who Cares?

The National Credit Act finally rode to the rescue by introducing the NCR debt counsellor. The goal of these counsellors is to conduct a debt review for indebted citizens. Then they develop a payment plan that debtors can afford and creditors will accept. In this way, your debts are repaid and you can still pay your living expenses!

If you’re in this unfortunate situation, a consultation with an NCR debt counsellor at One Debt for a debt review could be beneficial. You could get your instalments reduced and a longer payback period. Funds are freed up for living expenses. Your creditors will not harass you with threatening phone calls, letters, or legal action. In fact, you no longer have to talk to them at all. The counsellor will do that for you.

Find Your NCR Debt Counsellor in South Africa

One Debt counsellors are experienced in financial services.  They take pride in successfully helping others overcome their crippling indebtedness and move toward responsible money management. The counsellors are compassionate and empathetic … but mixed with a little tough love.

They will ask you to make some financial changes. If you are supporting expensive cars, motorcycles, or caravans, you may be asked to sell them. You will do fine with a less expensive car. For the duration of the programme, you will only buy that for which you can pay cash. No credit purchases allowed. You will learn to exercise your “no” muscle by telling yourself “no” when tempted. That will get you in great shape for your debt free future. NCR debt counsellors will put you on the right financial track if you let them.