Take The First Step Today – Speak To Debt Consultants

Debt consultants, otherwise known as debt counselors, can assist if you wish to go under debt review. If you are feeling overburdened with debt repayment deadlines, debt review may be the most effective course of action. Speak to One Debt today to get in touch with a professional and friendly debt counselor. We can talk you through our ten step debt review program that will get you back to a debt-free lifestyle in an affordable and efficient manner.

How does One Debt’s debt review program work?

Our ten step program for debt review is in compliance with the National Credit Act (NCA) and is designed to rehabilitate South Africans who struggle with over-indebtedness. Firstly, you will need to submit an application that includes your financial statements and a list of your credit providers and outstanding debts. Once your application is approved, you can leave the paperwork to us. We will alert all your credit providers that you are under debt review and renegotiate your interest rates and repayment plans. We will then draw up a monthly budget and repayment plan that you are able to afford. Under this budget, you will be required to make one single monthly payment to a Payment Distribution Agency. The PDA then divides your payment and allocates individual amounts to your credit providers as negotiated. You are able to continue your life without the stress of managing multiple repayments or fretting that you will miss any debt repayment deadlines. All you need to concentrate on is making that one monthly payment. Additionally, while under debt review you are protected by the NCA and cannot be blacklisted, legally pursued or harassed for any outstanding debt.

Get your life back on track with One Debt

Debt review can help you get on top of your debt and manage it more efficiently. Many people struggle with over-indebtedness. Debt review is a system that was designed specifically to assist these people and prevent continuing the bad debt cycle. To apply for debt review or speak to a debt counselor today, contact One Debt.