The 10 Step Debt Consolidation Plan

If you are struggling to keep up with your debt repayments every month, have you considered going under debt review? When you apply for debt review, One Debt can help you manage and maintain a healthy debt repayment plan that will allow you meet your payment deadlines in a way that you can afford. Additionally, while under review, you don’t need to stress about being blacklisted or legally pursued for your bad credit.

How does debt review work?

To sign up with One Debt’s program, simply visit our helpful website. You can fill in the application form directly from the website – you will be required to provide your personal information, certified copies of your ID, employment status and financial records, and a list of all your creditors and outstanding debt. Once your application has been processed and approved, you are on your way to debt-free living! We will begin by alerting your credit providers, the NCR and the credit bureaus that you are under debt review via a Form 17.1. A Form 17.2 will then be sent to your creditors to confirm your outstanding debt. A Payment Distribution Agency is then brought on board that will handle all your monthly debt payments. The Payment Distribution Agency will draft a detailed proposal of your budget and repayment plan to send to each of your credit providers. Once your credit providers have approved this plan, all you need to do is make one monthly payment to the Payment Distribution Agency. They will then distribute that payment to each of your credit providers as allocated in your plan.

Stress less with One Debt

Our program is fully comprehensive and tailored to individual financial requirements. We conduct annual checkups to ensure that the process is being managed as smoothly as possible. If your financial situation changes we can adjust your repayment plan to allow for this. Once your plan is completed and all your debt is repaid, we will issue a Clearance Certificate and within five working days your credit record will be cleared. Contact One Debt for more information about debt review.