Think Before You Buy! Do You Really Need To Spend Lavishly?

When the holiday season comes to an end, you might still be in the mood for big spending. Whether you splashed out on exciting Christmas gifts, a holiday away or just a few treats for yourself, you will need to bear the next month’s expenses in mind. A new year brings new expenses and with it a new budget.

Spend wisely, live comfortably

It can be tempting to swipe your card for that guilty pleasure purchase, especially with all the holidays sales and discounts. Do you really need to buy it though? There are several ways to practice smarter spending during the holidays and for the new year. Of course, the obvious action is to go cold turkey, and cut out all nonessential spending for a more frugal lifestyle. If this is not for you, why not try some shopping tricks that actually work? Make sure you have a reasonable and carefully spanned budget, and stick to it. When shopping, compare prices for different brands or suppliers before picking the first thing off the shelf, and keep an eye out for specials and sales. Buy only what you need at the time, and only add to your shopping cart if there’s room in your budget for it. Some people prefer to restrict themselves to a certain amount of “treat” items a month, or a certain value that they can’t spend more than. Remember that the new year will bring new expenses, such as increased fuel costs per day, or back to school supplies. Keeping in mind your own budget limits and monitoring your pleasure spending will help you save money.

Start the new year on a good note

It is always wise to begin a new year with room to breathe when it comes to money. Don’t be left in the lurch because of overspending over the holidays. With good budgeting and spending habits, you can ensure that you don’t have any financial struggles for the year ahead. For more budgeting advice or help managing your debt, contact One Debt today.