Too Much Debt? How Debt Counselling can Help

You know if you have too much debt. The awareness may have come upon you slowly but
on some level you knew something would soon have to give. You’re worried all the time,
afraid to answer the phone because of harassing phone calls. You have no back-up plan if
you get sick or your car breaks down. This is a very serious situation because you may feel
yourself sinking into depression due to hopelessness. There is hope and there is a solution
through debt counselling. You don’t have to wait until you’ve lost everything to take charge
of your financial life. Debt counselling can help you now to get your feet on the solid ground
of commitment to get out of this financial mess. And, you don’t have to do it alone.

Debt Counselling Now can Prevent Even Greater Debt

If you are in debt now and struggling to juggle your monthly payments, you need to take
steps now. Each month you will slip further behind if you have no plan to remedy your
financial situation. Seek debt counselling now and put yourself under the protection of The
National Credit Act which permits debt counsellors to help South Africans with their Debt
Review. We develop a repayment plan for you after a thorough review of your debts, living
expenses and income. This is really going to relieve the stress for you. You will have to live
within your means but will have the money to do that. Meanwhile, your debt counsellor, on
your behalf, will contact all your creditors letting them know you are enrolled in Debt
Review. From that point on, they can’t contact you and you no longer have to deal directly
with them.

How Debt Counselling can Put You on Solid Financial Ground

After your debt counsellor reviews your financial situation you will make a monthly payment
to them each month. That amount will be distributed among your creditors according to
prior agreement. You may not incur further debt while under Debt Review. In time, all your
creditors are paid off. At that time, you will receive a Clearance Certificate that will also be
sent to all your creditors, credit bureaus and the NCR. Your credit is now clear. You can
make a fresh start, only this time you will know how to avoid falling into too much debt ever

again. South Africans have the benefit of a second chance when they incur too much debt.
Debt Counselling now can protect your financial future.

Speak to One Debt today for more details about how debt counselling can help when you
have too much debt.