Top Tips to Help You Manage the Fuel Price Increase

Fuel prices are to increase, yet again on the 1 st March 2023, including prices for gas, petrol,
diesel, and paraffin. The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s Central energy
Fund published prices as follows: retail prices for leaded 93 and unleaded 95 petrol will
increase by R1.27 per litre. This means that prices will total R22.95 for a litre of unleaded 95
petrol inland and R22.30 on the coast. The reason for this drastic increase, according to the
AA, is movement in international oil prices, along with a weakened exchange rate.

There are a number of useful tips to consider to help you save on fuel in the coming weeks

  • Car pool with colleagues to lessen the cost. Each member’s contribution will be
    significantly less than what it would cost if each person uses his own vehicle to travel
    to the same place.
  • If at all possible, change your travel times. Travelling out of peak hours means that
    you can save both time and petrol.
  • Drive at a moderate speed. Not only is driving too fast dangerous, it also uses far
    more fuel.
  • Your vehicle’s air conditioning uses up a large amount of fuel. Instead, crack open a
    window and leave the air con off.
  • Over the weekend, limit the number of times you use your vehicle. Only use it when
    it is really necessary.
  • Planning is important too. Schedule all your errands for one particular day and
    complete them all instead of doing multiple trips.
  • Ensure your vehicle is correctly serviced. Routine servicing ensures your vehicle is
    running smoothly, which in turns increases its fuel efficiency.
  • If you are stuck in traffic, instead of letting your car idle, switch it off. Idling gets you
    nowhere – but still burns fuel.
  • Under inflated tyres can reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy by as much as 3%. Keep
    your tyres inflated to the correct pressure.

The fuel price is scheduled to change at midnight. Saving remains key and applying our
useful tips can help you better manage your budget in the upcoming weeks.

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