Using Credit To Pay For Credit? Stop!

It is easy to find yourself in debt.  You can have a few bad months of not earning enough money to cover your expenses, and suddenly you are in a precarious position.  Perhaps you have an accident and need to pay for repairs to a vehicle.  Maybe you are injured or a family member becomes ill and you are faced with medical expenses.   You could be retrenched or you could be self-employed in a difficult economy.  Possibly you have a garnishing order on your salary and you can no longer make ends meet.  

There are so many reasons why you can find yourself in difficult circumstances. When this happens, you may find yourself using your available credit to pay for your daily living expenses.  Suddenly you are buying your groceries with your credit card, and paying your school fees with your overdraft.  Next you are paying off one credit card with another.   You turn to micro-lenders and begin to borrow money at very high interest rates. Suddenly you find yourself in an ever-deepening crises with no obvious solution.

One Debt Can Help

If this is the situation in which you find yourself, One Debt can help.  They can help you get back on your feet.  The purpose of debt review is to work out an affordable repayment plan so that you can pay back your debt and still have enough money to pay for your daily expenses and necessities.  

With debt review you make one payment to a payment distribution agency and they distribute this to your creditors at an agreed rate.  You don’t have to interact with those to whom you owe money.  Your debt counselor handles this.   With debt review you can avoid going under administration.  It is a much better solution for all involved.

How do you access debt review?
If you find yourself in severe financial difficulty with overwhelming debt, contact One Debt to find out about a debt review.  A consultant will explain the process and will advise what documentation you need to supply.  You will need to complete an application form and submit the required documents and then the process to get you out of debt can begin.