What to Look for in a Debt Counsellor

You may find that you have too much debt and are struggling to make ends meet. If this is
the case, you might want to consider applying for debt counselling. Before you approach a
debt counsellor, it pays to ask a number of questions about what a good debt counsellor is,
and what you need to look out for regarding debt counselling.

What is a debt counsellor?

A debt counsellor manages the process of debt counselling to ensure that you can afford to
pay your debt. He or she will determine how indebted you are by measuring your expenses
and liabilities against your income. Thereafter he will apply for a court order to stop your
creditors from calling you, as well as informing the credit bureaus to flag you as undergoing
debt counselling within 30 days of your application. Your debt counsellor will also negotiate
with your creditors on your behalf for lower interest rates and fees on your various credit
agreements, as well as extended payment terms.

What makes a good debt counsellor?

A debt counsellor needs to know more than just understanding the National Credit Act. A
debt counsellor should have several qualities to ensure an effective service. These include:
 registration with the National Credit Regulator (NCR)
 the ability to resolve queries
 able to provide a quality assessment and customer service
 be able to assist consumers who can, and want to pay their debt
 have a relationship with the credit providers
 have control over the debt review process.
 a debt counsellor should be able explain the important components, rights and
obligations regarding the debt review process to you before going ahead with an

The service that a debt counsellor offers must be regarded as a process to financial healing.
It should not be considered as an instant solution. As with all processes, it will take time and
commitment. Your debt counsellor is available to assist you and if you have any queries

about the process, it is prudent to ask questions until you have a complete understanding of
what is expected.
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