Why Saving Is (Still) A Good Idea

There are many good reasons why you should be setting money aside every month.  If you have some savings, you are in a much better situation if an emergency expense arises.  If you were to unexpectedly lose your job or have a health emergency, having savings available will make a big difference.   You could be saving for a deposit for a home, or to buy a car.  Perhaps you could take your family on vacation.  Another excellent reason you should be saving is for education.  It could be for a child, or it could even be for you.  With better qualifications how would your opportunities improve?

How can you save money?

It is all very well to say you should be saving every month.  Having savings can be extremely helpful in a number of situations.  How do you actually save, however?  If you find you spend all the money you earn every month, how do you set any money aside?  There are a number of ways you can do it.  

Firstly, how much are you spending on a daily cappuccino or cold drink? It is a small amount every day but if you added up what you spend in a week, and a month, and a year, you could be surprised.  

Secondly, have a budget.  Know exactly what your income is and plan where you are going to spend your money.  This will avoid impulse buying and help you save.  To help with this you can check your credit card and bank statements and identify where you are spending money, and where you are wasting it.  

Thirdly, consider any hobbies you have that use a lot of your money.  Perhaps you take fitness seriously and you are spending money on supplements, energy drinks, and personal training.  Can you cut back or put this on hold for a little while?

What should you do if you are in financial difficulty?

Even with a disciplined approach to finance, you could find yourself becoming over indebted.  If this happens to you, you can avoid being blacklisted or being placed under administration.  If you cannot meet your financial commitments contact One Debt today and speak to them about Debt Review.