Will My Debt Review Be Confidential?

It is tempting to delay debt review in Cape Town because you cannot bear to have others know your business. That feeling is understandable and a common reaction to the idea of seeking help with money problems. Part of that feeling may stem from a fear that the counsellors will judge you in some way.

You have already had to deal with creditors calling you at work. You pretend the call is for other reasons. Maybe you have had them call you at home when guests are present. You forgot the answering machine is loud and everyone there can hear the creditors’ message. You toss it off as a wrong number. A discreet One Debt counsellor can help you regain your confidence.

Professional and uncompromising integrity

In Cape Town, debt review counsellors at One Debt are professionals who respect their clients. They fully understand how overwhelming debt can take over your whole life. It is possible some of them have experienced it first-hand and are anxious to share their understanding. Debt reviews are always confidential at One Debt. What you share in a counselling session stays between you and your debt counsellor. Compromising the professional integrity of One Debt would lead to the demise of the company and many jobs. One Debt takes pride in being able to provide employment for many good people.

Confidential and compassionate debt review in Cape Town

Compassion and understanding are qualities of the One Debt Counsellors. As you follow their ten-step programme to becoming debt free, your counsellor is on your team. When you succeed, your counsellor shares in your success.
It can be a tough course until you get used to living within your means and paying only with cash. However, each milestone brings you closer to freedom from debt. Debt review is a discipline that will lead you toward a more confident and secure future. The circumstances that lead us into overwhelming debt are many. The only shame is in not taking the steps to free yourself. When you are ready for a debt review in Cape Town, trust the confidentiality of One Debt.