Worried About Your Debt? How To Gain Control

Being in debt can often feel like a swim in the sea; one moment you’re bobbing in calm water and the next moment you’re being swept up uncontrollably in a huge wave. Don’t let your debt take you unawares. There are methods and tips to help you ride the wave until you’re safely back on the financially secure shore. With One Debt, you can follow ten simple steps to becoming debt-free.

The ten-step process

In order to benefit from the plan, you first need to apply. Simply fill out the online contact form and await assistance from one of our friendly consultants or apply directly by filling out the application form. Together with the form, you will need to provide documentation including your ID, proof of income, and a list of your expenses, deductions, and all your creditors and debt. Upon approval of your application, One Debt will notify all your credit providers, the NCR and the credit bureaus that you are undergoing debt review. A Form 17.1 is issued to inform your creditors of this and to collect all the relevant financial information. You will be set up with a Payment Distribution Agency to distribute your payment to each of your creditors accordingly. You will only need to make one affordable monthly payment to your PDA, instead of managing multiple payments to all your creditors. Each creditor will be sent a detailed proposal based on our calculation of your manageable budget and repayment plan. If they agree to the proposal, they will sign a consent order and you can go ahead with one monthly PDA payment while you recover your financial stability.

Choose One Debt for debt review today

If going under debt review sounds like a solution to your financial situation, apply to One Debt today. There is no shame in needing assistance. Seeking professional assistance before you start drowning in debt is the responsible choice. When you are under debt review, you are also protected from being blacklisted or legally pursued. Contact One Debt today for debt review and debt counselling.