You Can Save on Your Electricity Bill This Winter

We are all aware that we can save on our energy bills, but we sometimes forget that it is often the most simple of tasks that make it a reality. No one likes being cold, and it is the easiest thing to switch on a heater to warm the room at the end of the day. Before you do, consider the cost implications, and remember the tips below.

Top Tips

  1. Buy your prepaid electricity at the beginning of the month. Electricity tariffs are set to increase, and the best time to top up your electricity is on the first of the month. This a result of Eskom’s Incline Block Tariff system, and to get the most out of your prepaid electricity, buy your 1,000 units on the first day of the month. 
  2. Take a look at your appliances. Many of them use lots of power, such as stoves, ovens, geysers, kettles, irons and heaters. Even the most efficient wall panel heater uses 400W an hour, which can add up to about R2,50 a day for 4 hours usage. A two-bar infrared heater will cost twice as much. To keep the heat in your home, try closing the curtains and putting on a jersey instead. 
  3. Turn your geyser down to 60°C. Turning your geyser down from 70˚C to 60˚C will see a 5% reduction in your hot water electricity bill. 
  4. Use less hot water. Don’t let the hot water run unnecessarily. Use a basin plug when washing. You could also shower instead of bathing. By doing so, you should save up to 80% in water and use 5 times less electricity. 
  5. Switch your geyser off during peak hours. Less demand on the national electrical grid helps reduce the risk of load shedding. 
  6. Fix leaking hot water taps. A dripping tap can waste up to 18 litres of water a day. And, if it’s your hot water tap that is dripping, it could cost you hundreds of rands worth of electricity annually. 

Saving is a buzzword we all know. Using what we know to save can make a huge difference to the amount we save.  

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