When you've tried everything, but you're STILL in debt …

In these tough economic times it is difficult to make ends meet, and it is easy to find yourself in debt.  It only takes one unfortunate event to push you into the red.  Perhaps your car needs major repairs; or you are in an accident; or you or your partner is retrenched.  Your monthly budget could have been shaved to the bare bones, with no luxury items or entertainment, and your debt could continue to grow. Even though you could be following all the right advice there is no reprieve.  Maybe you are starting to receive calls and threatening letters from creditors, and perhaps you are forced to borrow money from micro-lenders to get through each month.

Stop the vicious debt-cycle now!

With One Debt it is possible to stop this cycle of debt and get yourself back on track. To begin, at One Debt we will consolidate all of your debt into one lump sum.  We will then negotiate an affordable repayment plan with each of your creditors.  Each month you pay a single amount and it is distributed to your creditors according to this agreement.  You are provided with legal protection once you are in a debt counseling programme and no one will be able to repossess your belongings.

One Debt helps to remove some of the stress you are sure to be experiencing when you are in financial difficulty.  It is not necessary for you to deal with your creditors directly.  Your repayment plan is affordable so that you can provide for the daily living requirements of your family.  By continuing to pay your monthly installment your debt will ultimately be paid off and your credit record will be clear once again.

How can you access the One Debt programme?

The process is simple to access a debt review programme with One Debt.  Contact us today to speak to one of our consultants.  He or she will advise what documentation you need to provide, including the list of your creditors and your debt.  You will complete the application form with all the required information, and we will guide you through the process from there.  There is help at hand.  Contact One Debt today and don’t let debt overwhelm you.